365 Project Day 3 of 365

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365 Project Day 3 of 365

I spotted this spider in the hallway under a light and thought this could make for a good photo, however the lighting caused a bit of an issue. So this has been cropped quite a lot to get this close an image of the spider. So because of the lighting issue I decided that some photoshopping was inevitable, I was originally just going to do this image and black and white and it just didnt quite look right. And then I remembered about colour splashing, and this was a great moment to get some layer masking practice done too. The black and white effect on the spider’s web just helps to make the viewers eye drawn to the focal point that is the spider.


2 thoughts on “365 Project Day 3 of 365

    Ericaceouss said:
    November 1, 2013 at 8:59 pm

    cool shot 🙂

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