365 Project Day 201 Of 365

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Next door’s little sausage dog is desperately in need of a belly rub.



Traditional Greek Dancers

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My apologies in advance for the noise in these photos as the lighting was very poor when these Traditional Greek Dancers were performing, because of the lighting I was hoping to get some quick action shots of mainly facial expressions and gestures, the dancing was a very enjoyable experience to witness and I hope you enjoy and can get an idea of how interesting it was through these photos. I have done what I can in photoshop to try make the noise in these photos less obvious and bring more attention to the dancers.



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365 Project Day 200 Of 365

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Taking in the last views of sunny and delightful Crete.


365 Project Day 199 Of 365

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Last day in Crete means last walk to the beach *sighs of sadness*


365 Project Day 198 Of 365

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Walking back to our room earlier to be meet by this chap relaxing on the wall.


365 Project Day 197 Of 365

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The stray that tried to follow us back to the hotel, until some other people gave it attention.


365 Project Day 196 Of 365

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Taking in more of the Beautiful Views of Crete.