365 Project Day 177 Of 365

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365 Project Day 177 Of 365

Nature’s lawn mower.


365 Project Day 159 Of 365

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365 Project Day 159 Of 365

The river that flows into darkness.

365 Project Day 135 Of 365

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365 Project Day 135 Of 365

To quote the Beegees “Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk.” I think this suits the photo quite well.

Black and White Or Colour?

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I really like this photo that I took today. I used the rule of thirds to line the couple stood by the edge of the cliffs to make a good focal point. And then it came down to editing once I got home and it looked amazing in colour and the more I looked at it I thought it would make an amazing black and white photo too. So I’ve posted up both photos and leaving it up to you guys to leave comments and say which one you prefer.

Black And White:






365 Project Day 121 Of 365

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365 Project Day 121 Of 365

Today I decided instead of just going to my usual spot on top of the gorge, I would take one of the public footpaths to try get some more variety to the views of Cheddar then I normally I get. I came across this fence while walking through this lush green field, then I took a step back and looked around. I liked the lighting of this a lot and just the simplicity of the shot itself, the old wooden fence poles, the blue sky and clouds and green grass that just goes on forever.

I wanted to do something different with this shop, so I decided to give it a HDR style effect to it just to bring out the contrast and make it look more vibrant than originally.