Sunset Panoramic

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The view of last night on a bigger scale.



365 Project Day 203 Of 365

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Relaxing in the last rays of the sunlight.


The Stunning Views Of Crete

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Enjoying the beautiful views and sights that the lovely island of Crete has to offer. Beautiful backdrops with the mountains and dramatic clouds in the background. And enjoying some of the lovely night life to go with the views too.


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365 Project Day 196 Of 365

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Taking in more of the Beautiful Views of Crete.





Sat Watching The Sunset In Peace And Quiet

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Sat Watching The Sunset In Peace And Quiet

Sometimes it is just nice to sit down, relax and watch the world go by.

Jogging In The Sunshine

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Jogging In The Sunshine

I had just sat down to take some photos of some ducks, when this guy came running past me off into the distance, I really liked the glow on his right side from the sunlight. I also like to composition of this photo too. I wasn’t too sure if this would be better in colour or black and white until I played with it and got this outcome.