The Stunning Views Of Crete

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Enjoying the beautiful views and sights that the lovely island of Crete has to offer. Beautiful backdrops with the mountains and dramatic clouds in the background. And enjoying some of the lovely night life to go with the views too.


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365 Project Day 202 Of 365

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I have always found something very tranquil about walking in the rain at night.


365 Project Day 195 Of 365

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Having a night in the busy town. Enjoying Shisha, Cocktails and Hammock Chairs.


365 Project Day 164 Of 365

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We all know our shadow is with us, but its always good to stop and check.


365 Project Day 163 Of 365

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A night in the warmth if the chiminea.


365 Project Day 106 Of 365

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_MG_6331 _MG_6329 _MG_6330 _MG_6328


A Clear Night Is Always A Good Night To Do Some Startrails

365 Project Day 82 Of 365

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So today was just playing with long exposures again, and what I wanted to do was play with a light making shapes. These two came out the best out of the few photos I took.

I’ve played with the colour in my first picture since it was a heart shape so I gave it a reddish colour, and i’ve kept the reflection from the light on the car in the photo as well because I just like the look of it as I feel it just adds something to the photo.

The second picture the swirl I find it really mesmerizing and the lens flare from the center of the swirl looks like a star. I just like how different it is too.