The Last Trip To The Beach

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Our last trip to the beach in Crete, what better time for some photo opportunities. The only time I can normally photograph my girlfriend is when she is oblivious to the camera, which makes for some lovely natural portrait photographs and she is relaxed and comfy and that’s when the best (in my opinion) photograph’s are taken of anyone.


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365 Project Day 139 Of 365

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It’s sand bath time!

365 Project Day 118 Of 365

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365 Project Day 118 Of 365

Looking after my uncle’s dog while he was over tonight, this dog does love attention for an old boy.

365 Project Day 86 Of 365

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365 Project Day 86 Of 365

This is a photo of my uncle in the study whilst he was doing some work and we were having a general chat about life and what not, I really liked the lighting from the lamp and how it illuminates only part of his face and how it just adds a sense of mystery to the image. Its reminds me a little bit of something from the Godfather films.

Game Face

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A few casual game of darts got very competitive.

365 Project Day 67 Of 365

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Just having a few drinks out with some friends