365 Project Day 202 Of 365

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I have always found something very tranquil about walking in the rain at night.



Animals In Pittville Park, Cheltenham

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So this morning I was having a walk round Pittville Park in Cheltenham, not sure what I would come across so I hand my camera in hand. I came across a lot of different birds and a squirrel which was lovely to try and photography as they don’t stay still. The lighting wasn’t brilliant today as it was raining and grey so I did what I could with what I have. I was using my Canon 20D with my Tamron 70-300mm lens which was great for keeping my distance and not scaring off any of the animals.

Look Beyond The Rain

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Look Beyond The Rain

This is another photo that I took looking outside my window today, I really liked all the water droplets from the rain that were still enjoying relaxing on the window. I also liked how the sun was still in the background too and visible, I feel this photo shows that you have to look further ahead to see the good things while the less enjoyable times are upon you.

I used a lomography style to really bring the colours out and just make the sunshine pop out that little bit more, and manipulating the contrast has helped bring out the water drops in the darker parts of the photo.

365 Project Day 79 Of 365

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I had just got home today from getting hair cut and was heading up to my room, when saw these two chickens just chilling on the window ledge. So I thought what better a time it would be to take a photo for my 365 Project.

The Aftermath Of The Rain

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After a day and night of rain, much of the land is now water.

365 Project Day 55 Of 365

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Just enjoying the water droplets race down the car window.

365 Project Day 44 Of 365

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A dark rainy night on a dim lit pathway.