Red Sky

Sunset Panoramic

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The view of last night on a bigger scale.



The Stunning Views Of Crete

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Enjoying the beautiful views and sights that the lovely island of Crete has to offer. Beautiful backdrops with the mountains and dramatic clouds in the background. And enjoying some of the lovely night life to go with the views too.


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365 Project Day 194 Of 365

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Getting to see the sights of Stalis, Crete.



Sunset Silhouettes

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Yesterday’s sunset, I was amazed by the orange/reddish glow of the sky as the sun was setting yesterday and just had to photograph it.

Sunlight Escaping The Clouds

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Sunlight Escaping The Clouds

This is something you expect to see coming from an African Plain or A Desert, but not in a small village in Somerset. So seeing something like this is very breathtaking for me because it so rare to see.

“Red Sky At Night….”

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“….Sheppard’s Delight”

When The Sun Goes Down

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As the sun goes down, the stars await to come out.