Sunset Panoramic

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The view of last night on a bigger scale.



365 Project Day 203 Of 365

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Relaxing in the last rays of the sunlight.


Seeing For Miles

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A Beautiful View from the top of Cheddar Gorge

Graffiti Through The Eye Of A Fish

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Yesterday is when my Opteka Fish Eye Lens Adapter arrived in the post and when I went to the Cheddar Reservoir today I walked past the Cheddar Skate Park. It suddenly twigged in my mind that Fish Eye is what is commonly used in Skate Boarding and Extreme Sports magazines and blogs, etc. So I thought why not use the Fish Eye in the skate park even if no one is there I thought it should have a similar effect. The blue sky in these images and the green grass really help make the photos stand out the bit more from the concrete grey and also bringing out the colours of the graffiti too helps make it more eye appealing.

Looking Across The Reservoir

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Looking Across The Reservoir

I really liked the colours that were coming out today with the sun catching the hills nicely. And the vivid dark blue of the water compared to the light blue sky helps the bring out the depth of the photo and brings out the green of the hills nicely.

Panoramic Reservoir

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Panoramic Reservoir

Apologies for the poor quality, the panorama setting isn’t the best on my camera. I loved the clouds, the reflection and the sunsetting, and wanted to capture it all in one photo. So this is why i’ve done a panoramic photo.

Swimming In The Sunshine

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Swimming In The Sunshine

A family of ducks, enjoying a swim in the last of the sunlight.